Large Animal

Our large animal services are 100% ambulatory, meaning we come to you! We offer a variety of cattle and equine services, including:

  • Obstetrics
  • Disease or injury diagnosis and treatment
  • Cattle nutritional management
  • Vaccination protocol development
  • Feedlot management
    • Standardize vaccination and sick animal evaluations to promote efficiency
  • Cattle reproductive services
    • Reproductive exams for pregnancy diagnosis or problem identification
    • Synchronization of estrus
    • Breeding soundness examinations of bulls
  • Surgical procedures
    • Castration
    • Corrective surgeries
    • Dehorning
  • Equine services include:
    • Vaccination
    • Colic care
    • Castration and laceration repair

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  • "A big thanks to River View Veterinary Service for the wonderful work the whole staff does. Dr. Terry and Dr. Sarah are by far the best we've ever had."
    Brittany N.
  • "Love Dr Terry and Dr Sara! They are so good with the animals and you can tell they really care. It's really nice having emergency care available so close. Would recommend them to everyone!"
    Malora R.
  • "I had to take my black lab Toby to have stitches in his foot after getting a hook in it while swimming. Terry and Sarah met me at their office after hours and did a wonderful job fixing him up again. Will never go anywhere else."
    Jacob H.

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